Inside Kenya's Death Squads


Samir Naji tells of how he was brutally tortured in Guantánamo Bay without charge


A MAN who was accused of serving under Osama bin Laden and spent nearly 13 years without charge in Guantánamo Bay has revealed the ugly truth about how the CIA tortured him.
Samir Naji of Yemen was cleared for release in 2009, but still remains in detention.

US Senate report on CIA interrogations condemns torture tactics


When is a threat not a threat? The UK's terrorism double standards


The UK's terrorism legislation is not being applied evenly and should be scrapped in favour of a more common sense approach.
British soldier Ryan McGee, who is from the Manchester area and is also a supporter of the far right English Defence League (EDL), was handed a two-year sentence on 28 November after it was discovered that he had made nail bombs filled with 187 pieces of shrapnel to maximize damage. He was prosecuted and convicted under the Explosive Substances Act (1883).

CIA torture report: These depravities are not going to infuriate the Muslim world – they've been enraged about them for years


A detainee with wires attached to him in Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad in 2003 (AP)

It's the Western response that the torturers really fear, which is why the CIA has been so intent on misleading us.



Almost a month ago, on 29 September, 2014, VICE News reporter Medyan Dairieh, granted an interview to the Lebanese TV station MTV to talk about his experiences as an embedded journalist with ISIS in and around Raqqah, which the organization claims as its capital, in the process of producing this 42-minute documentary called simply, “The Islamic State.” The takeaway seems to be: they’re not so bad.

The Khilafah Debate

Osama Bin Laden

In this book, Scheuer provides a much-needed corrective--a hard-headed, closely reasoned portrait of bin Laden, showing him to be a figure of remarkable leadership skills, strategic genius, and considerable rhetorical abilities. The first head of the CIA's bin Laden Unit, where he led the effort to track down bin Laden, Scheuer draws from a wealth of information about bin Laden and his evolution from peaceful Saudi dissident to America's Most Wanted. Shedding light on his development as a theologian, media manipulator, and paramilitary commander, Scheuer makes use of all the speeches and interviews bin Laden has given as well as lengthy interviews, testimony, and previously untranslated documents written by those who grew up with bin Laden in Saudi Arabia, served as his bodyguards and drivers, and fought alongside him against the Soviets. The bin Laden who emerges from these accounts is devout, talented, patient, and ruthless; in other words, a truly formidable and implacable enemy of the West.

Do women have to wear niqaab?


Is wearing niqaab one of the conditions of Islamic dress for women?
Praise be to Allaah.

Hijaab in Arabic means covering or concealing. Hijaab is the name of something that is used to cover. Everything that comes between two things is hijaab.

Hijaab means everything that is used to cover something and prevent anyone from reaching it, such as curtains, door keepers and garments, etc.

China bans veil for East Turkestan Muslims


The restriction comes as China is stepping up curbs on religious clothing and education for Muslim Uighurs in the region.


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