Malcolm X -- Islam is the Best Religion

What ISIS Really Wants?

source: theatlantic.com

The Islamic State is no mere collection of psychopaths. It is a religious group with carefully considered beliefs, among them that it is a key agent of the coming apocalypse. Here’s what that means for its strategy—and for how to stop it.

What is the Islamic State?

Former Libyan Official Ahmad Qadhaf Al-Dam: I Support ISIS, Which Should Have Been Established 50 Years Ago

source: memritv.org

A tale of two pilots: One burned to death by Islamic State, another who defected to join it

source: telegraph.co.uk

In the same town that is mourning a Jordanian pilot burned to death by Islamic State, another family celebrates a son who defected to join the extremists

Westerners join Iraqi Christian militia to "crusade"

source: worldbulletin.net

Christian foreign fighters from United States, Britain and Canada, all of whom have military or contracting experience, unit to fight ISIS.

Burning victims to death: Still a common practice


The latest ISIS atrocity – releasing a video of a captured Jordanian fighter pilot being burned alive – prompted substantial discussion yesterday about this particular form of savagery. It is thus worth noting that deliberately burning people to death is achievable – and deliberately achieved – in all sorts of other ways:

France - home of terrorism

source: kavkazcenter.com

In connection with the attacks in Paris by the Kouachi brothers on charlist newspaper Cherlie Hebdo (CH), The Guardian published an article about France as being the home of international terrorism. In the article entitled "Is it time to stop using the word "terrorist"?", the newspaper in particularly writes that the grouping called "United Nations (UN)" has for many years been trying to invent a common definition of terrorism:

If you live in France and don’t eat baguettes, you might be a terrorist


Chapel Hill shooting and western media bigotry

source: aljazeera.com
The religious identity of violent perpetrators is only highlighted when they're Muslim.

In western news discourse, the implication is western societies should be suspicious of Muslims, writes Elmasry [Facebook]

Chinese Imams Forced to Dance

source: onislam.net

Imams were forced to brandish the slogan that "our income comes from the CKP not from Allah"
URUMQI – In another crackdown on religious freedoms, China has forced the imams of eastern Muslim majority district of Xinjiang to dance in the street, and swear to an oath that they will not teach religion to children as well telling them that prayer is harmful to the soul.

The Vilification of Muslims

source: counterpunch.org

The recent attacks at the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine’s office and a Jewish store near Paris have sparked another round of explosive debate about Islam and Muslims. The actions of Cherif and Said Kouachi were condemned. How the two brothers born and raised in France became radicalised was discussed in newspapers and on airwaves. Their existence on the fringes of French society and previous encounters with the law, already on record, were highlighted. Belgian police subsequently carried out operations in Verviers and other parts of the country.

PM stirring up Islamophobia says human rights lawyer

source: 4bc.com.au

Julian Burnside a barrister, human rights advocate and author says senior political figures including the Prime Minister are creating a sense of fear about Muslims.

Mr Burnside said comments made by Mr Abbott during his announcement of new counter-terrorism measures were "islamophobic" and stir up a hatred of Muslims.

Hizb ut-Tahrir: is it now an offence to oppose government policy? If so, let it be said plainly

source: theguardian.com

‘No Hizb ut-Tahrir member has been prosecuted, let alone convicted, for any terrorism-related offence,’ Badar says. He is pictured here with Wassim Doureihi in 2015. Photograph: Paul Miller/AAPImage

Muslim leaders outraged by Tony Abbott's chiding over extremism

source: theguardian.com

Islamic leaders are furious at the prime minister’s suggestion that the community does not do enough to stamp out extremism.

Muslim leaders are furious at Tony Abbott’s suggestion that the community does not do enough to stamp out extremism, saying the statement is the “last card” of an embattled leader who is using dog-whistle politics to “inflame racism”.

Australia's most senior Muslim says it was a mistake to vote for Tony Abbott

Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammad: ‘I personally elected him in the previous elections. But believe me, I will not repeat this mistake again.’ Photograph: Tracey Nearmy/AAP
Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohammed urges PM to ‘work in any field other than politics’ amid breakdown in relations between Coalition and Islamic community

Australia's response to 9/11 was more damaging to freedom than any other country's

‘Australian governments came relatively late to the realisation that anti-terrorism laws need to be complemented by community-based strategies.’ Photograph: AAP

Fears rally planned in Adelaide will incite racism against South Australian Muslims

The Reclaim Australia Rally Facebook page. Picture: Facebook
AN anti-Islamic group that wants to “reclaim” Adelaide from minorities will stage a public rally in the city, prompting fear among local Muslims it will incite a racist backlash.

Almost 600 people have indicated on Reclaim Australia Rally’s Facebook page they will attend the Adelaide rally on April 4.

Aussies stand up for Muslim activist after she was threatened with beheading in Twitter hate campaign

Mariam Veiszadeh at the Martin Place memorial after the Sydney siege. Picture: Bradley Hunter Source: Supplied

A human-rights activist has become a target for vicious online abuse after she campaigned against Islamophobia.

Ipswich woman charged over Muslim hate attacks online

Mariam Veiszadeh has spoken out against alleged racist attacks she has suffered online. Photo: Katherine Griffiths

Human rights activist Mariam Veiszadeh has become accustomed to her share of religious vilification as a Muslim Australian woman who proudly wears her hijab daily.


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