Al-Furqan Press Release – 22 April 2015

This statement is to announce that, effective immediately, Al-Furqan Islamic Centre is ceasing its activities and closing its doors. This decision has not been taken lightly. We believe that given the constant harassment, pressure and false accusations levelled against the centre – particularly by media and politicians – this is the best course of action for the protection of the local community, its members, and the broader Muslim community that is often implicated in these insidious campaigns.

Press Release – 20 April 2015


On Saturday, 18th of April, police authorities carried out a number of counter-terror raids across Victoria. Given the incessant media attention placed on Al-Furqan centre as a result, we wish to release this statement for the purpose of clarification.

Firstly, we sincerely pray that all those affected and their families are granted patience and strength in this difficult period.

As with previous raids, reports of police brutality, heavy-handedness and general mistreatment have already surfaced. Australian Muslims are hardly surprised by such accusations anymore as they have become customary of police interactions with many Muslims. Also unsurprising is the fact that most of those raided and arrested have not been charged with any crime, again calling into question the need for military tactics against those not accused of criminal wrongdoing.

Finally, we wish to clarify that there was no connection between Al-Furqan centre and these raids, and that claims to the contrary are unfounded and misleading.


CAGE event forced to find an alternative venue after 'pressure'


CAGE event forced to find an alternative venue after 'police pressure'

The politically instigated and media promoted hysteria has arrived in town.

Bangor Street Community Centre, Blackburn was denied as a venue to a group looking to educate the community about the CTS (Counter Terrorism & Security) Act.

'Excessive force' used in terror arrest


Two men arrested as part of a counter terrorism operation in Melbourne say police used excessive force during the raids.

Five men were arrested in anti-terror raids on Saturday. Police alleged they were involved in planning an attack on police in Melbourne linked to Anzac Day commemorations.

Sydney racist train rant: Muslims in Australia ‘under attack’


Disgrace ... Hafeez Ahmed Bhatti and his wife Khalida were verbally abused on a Sydney train. Picture: Facebook Source: Facebook

Reclaiming racism


Since last year's Sydney siege episode by an Iranian man that left three people dead, Muslims have felt increasingly scrutinised and isolated.

Unease with Australia's Islamophobia

Recent 'Reclaim Australia' rallies and counter-rallies across country highlight social tensions and xenophobic fears.

Australia protests

Anti-Islamic 'infidel' tattoos, a picture with Pauline Hanson and comparing Muslims to Nazis: The Facebook posts which saw eight guards suspended from their security roles at detention centres


- Eight guards at Nauru detention centre have been suspended
- They posted 'anti-Islamic' messages on social media and were pictured with Pauline Hanson at a recent Reclaim Australia rally
- The men contravened a policy that they display 'cultural sensitivity'

Christchurch sisters claim they were detained at airport because they're Muslim

Two Christchurch Muslim sisters are outraged at being treated as "a potential threat" at an Australian Airport while on their way to see their father win a medical award.

Canterbruy University student Nada Tawfeek, 21, and her sister Hannah, 18, were pulled aside at Brisbane Airport by multiple security guards and intimidated seemingly because of their religion.

Journalist Blames Australia for Radicalisation


CAIRO – Living in Australia for one year without a job, an American Muslim journalist warned that unemployment crisis Muslim youth face has been forcing many to radical groups, where they are offered work as mercenaries.

Persecution pushing young Australian Muslims to the margins of society, says leader


Islamic Friendship spokesman Keysar Trad says young Muslims in Australia feel persecuted. Photo: Jacky Ghossein

Young Australians are joining terror groups because their "blood is boiling" at domestic persecution and international atrocities committed by the West, a local Muslim leader has warned.

Keysar Trad, founder of the Islamic Friendship Association, told a university forum that his comments may be "dangerous" and "politically incorrect" but they were crucial to understanding why more than 200 Australians have taken up arms in Syria and Iraq.


Malcolm X -- Islam is the Best Religion

What ISIS Really Wants?


The Islamic State is no mere collection of psychopaths. It is a religious group with carefully considered beliefs, among them that it is a key agent of the coming apocalypse. Here’s what that means for its strategy—and for how to stop it.

What is the Islamic State?

Former Libyan Official Ahmad Qadhaf Al-Dam: I Support ISIS, Which Should Have Been Established 50 Years Ago


A tale of two pilots: One burned to death by Islamic State, another who defected to join it


In the same town that is mourning a Jordanian pilot burned to death by Islamic State, another family celebrates a son who defected to join the extremists

Westerners join Iraqi Christian militia to "crusade"


Christian foreign fighters from United States, Britain and Canada, all of whom have military or contracting experience, unit to fight ISIS.

Burning victims to death: Still a common practice

The latest ISIS atrocity – releasing a video of a captured Jordanian fighter pilot being burned alive – prompted substantial discussion yesterday about this particular form of savagery. It is thus worth noting that deliberately burning people to death is achievable – and deliberately achieved – in all sorts of other ways:

France - home of terrorism


In connection with the attacks in Paris by the Kouachi brothers on charlist newspaper Cherlie Hebdo (CH), The Guardian published an article about France as being the home of international terrorism. In the article entitled "Is it time to stop using the word "terrorist"?", the newspaper in particularly writes that the grouping called "United Nations (UN)" has for many years been trying to invent a common definition of terrorism:

If you live in France and don’t eat baguettes, you might be a terrorist


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