Reverse Osmosis

"Reverse Osmosis"
(Received and posted on 1/20/2015)
"Before the end of time, there will be years of treachery. In them, the truthful person is disbelieved, the liar is believed, the trustworthy is distrusted, and the treacherous is trusted."
In this authentic hadith, Allah's Messenger (sall Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam) described our era. Confusion and deception are so prevalent today that it's difficult for many to accurately assess the world and the people in it.
It's difficult, but not impossible.

Evils of Nationalism : Shaykh Abdul Azeez Bin Baaz

istiqaamah magazine/july1996

Exposing the Kufr State of Saudi Arabia: An In-Depth Islamic Analysis


“The Best Jihad is to Say the Truth in Front of the Oppressive Ruler1”

PBS Frontline House Of Saud

source: PBS

Hostage John Cantlie Takes on Mosul in Eighth Islamic State Propaganda Video


In one of the Islamic State's most bizarre propaganda videos yet, British hostage John Cantlie acts as a smiling tour guide through the "heartland" of Mosul, Iraq.

Cantlie — a photojournalist captured in Syria in 2012 along with American journalist James Foley, who was executed last August — greets the audience from a mountaintop overlooking Iraq's second-largest city, which was taken by militants during their advance over vast areas of land in Iraq and Syria last summer. He then descends to shop in the "bustling" market, visits a children's hospital, and even rides a cop's motorcycle.

UNMANNED Americas Drone Wars

Hate in Europe: Germany's Anti-Islamic Protests


Every Monday since the beginning of October, protesters have taken to the streets of Dresden, Germany, under the banner of "Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the Occident" (PEGIDA). While the initial protests in early October saw 350 demonstrators in attendance, the numbers have risen week by week, reaching 25,000 on January 12.

Life in Britain is about to get MUCH worse


The French myth of secularism


With controversial headline “This brazen Islam” a French magazine in 2012 claimed Muslims were infiltrating hospitals, cafeterias, swimming pools, schools

Hollywood shoots Arabs: The movie


'American Sniper' replays the age-old racist roles.

Clint Eastwood-directed picture contains every essential hallmark of the wartime film genre, write Beydoun and Ayoub [Reuters]

Facebook and Twitter allowing Islamophobia to flourish


Twitter and Facebook are becoming more and more a home for Islamophobia and hate speech in the past couple of years. Although the social media giants have extreme rules against the promotion of racial and religious abuse through social channels, it fails to remove content which are reported by anti-racism groups and have failed to clamp down on the issue, causing it to flourish and grow.

Australia’s Declared War On Muslims


It is official: Australia is at war with Muslims and Islam. Australian politicians and the racist media are fanning the flame of prejudice and racially-motivated violence against Muslims. Anti-Muslims bigotry has become the most important issue in Australian politics. The aim is to demonise Muslims and connect Muslim Australians to U.S.-led war in the Middle East and justify Australia’s direct complicity in U.S.-led imperialist aggression in Syria and Iraq.

First let’s look at how Australia treats Muslim Australians.

Australian government exploits Paris attacks


'Je suis Muslim': 800 at Lakemba protest


Police say 14 people were removed from a pro-Muslim rally in Sydney for breaching the peace, but that the event concluded peacefully.

Hundreds of people have gathered at a rally in Sydney's west in protest over negative coverage of Islam and treatment of the Prophet Mohammed.

Musa Cerantonio: Muslim convert and radical supporter of Islamic State


Person of interest: Musa Cerantonio outside his mother's home Photo: Simon Schluter

Terrorism experts say he's a jihadist poster boy and Julie Bishop has called him a fraud, but his Anglo mum reckons he's funny and clever. John Safran meets Catholic-raised Muslim convert Musa Cerantonio.

Disciples flock to jailed jihadists


Abdul Nacer Benbrika
THE country’s most notorious cell of convicted terrorists is trying to reach out from jail to become spiritual leaders of the new generation of Islamic State devotees in NSW.

Extreme prejudice: Terror TV on Australian security agency watch lists


ISLAMIC hate preachers who use YouTube to influence young Australian Muslims with their messages of extremism are being closely monitored by state and federal security agencies.

The Australian branches of Hizb ut-Tahrir and Millatu Ibrahim — banned in some overseas countries — are reaching their extremist audiences online.

Australia’s Muslim Youth Project

A Muslim Youth Group is under investigation by police for radicalising young children in Western Sydney.

'We know where you live': Muslim family receives vile hate letters featuring Nazi swastikas and KKK symbols with threats to 'kill their women and children'

A Muslim family have been left fearing for their safety after discovering a number of racist notes in their letterbox.

Since receiving the intimidating letters on Wednesday, a Brisbane mother-of- three has admitted that she is too afraid to let her children, who are all under the age of six, play outside.

Aussie Muslims Receive Death Threats


CAIRO – A series of hate mail threatening to kill Muslim women and children have terrified the religious minority in Brisbane, coming in the wake of Charlie Hebdo attacks which resulted in the worst Islamophobic attacks over the past years.

A Logan family received a note in their letterbox threatening to “kill your women and children fist (sic)”, Courier-Mail reported on Sunday, January 18.


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